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Examples of Funded Activities

  • Start-up costs for Calvin semester-length off-campus programs (e.g., site visits, visits to Calvin by persons from the partner institution)
  • Start-up costs for off-campus Interims that show promise of being:
    1. regularly offered
    2. an important element in the departmental offerings of the sponsoring department
  • Visits to Calvin by international students (e.g., for conferences)
  • Expenses for international visitors from other institutions and organizations, both established partners and those in the exploration stage
  • Calvin’s cooperation with other CRC agencies in support of Russian Ministries Center
  • Support for Calvin faculty to teach at universities in developing countries or where Calvin and/or the CRC has a special interest (e.g., RACU, Daystar).
    1. The foreign university is expected to provide some support to the applicant, such as housing or a food allowance.
    2. Preference is given to those requests directed at teaching in a Christian institution.


  • Priority is given to active faculty members; requests from emeriti will be considered if funds are available.
  • The above list is meant to be illustrative, not exhaustive.