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Grant writing process

Where Do I Begin?

Final Steps

Check the details
In the final stages of grant writing, attention to detail is paramount. Your proposal should conform to all of the funder's guidelines (page length, format, supporting documentation, and so forth)—and then check again.

Grant Office Assistance
We will be glad to assist you with formatting CVs, bibliographies, reference lists, preparing online forms, editing, proofreading, budgeting, understanding indirect costs, obtaining signatures, drafting institutional cover letters, making copies, overnight mailing or e-submission.

Final review
When everything is in place and ready to be sent (ideally, one week before the deadline), you should send your proposal (and all supporting documentation) to the Grants Office for a final review. We will work with you to refine the final submission.

Congratulations! You’ve submitted the proposal. Reward yourself for a job well done.

After your proposal has been sent, the waiting begins. Few foundations welcome follow-up phone calls or e-mails during this phase, so it is best to wait patiently for a response.

The award
If you receive positive news from your foundation, you will need to follow through with a few final steps:

Notify all appropriate individuals and departments.

Schedule a grant award meeting with the Grants Office. During this meeting we will

  • Review grant award documentation
  • Discuss grant accounting and how to set up the grant account with FSO
  • Establish reporting and evaluation timelines
  • Coordinate funder stewardship letters
Although grant opportunities are discovered—and pursued—in many different ways, this section offers a brief description of how many people begin the grant proposal process. Below are some things to keep in mind as you are preparing to work on a grant proposal:

Develop a scholarly agenda

Write a one-page abstract/executive summary

Find a mentor

Alert key people on campus

Alert the Grants Office

Call the Program Officer

Know the Essential Elements of a Good Proposal