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Finding Funding Sources

External Funding Resources
Several websites allow you to search through thousands of agencies to find the funding source that is appropriate for your needs. Some of the best sites are:
InfoEd SPIN: The Calvin College community now has access to InfoEd’s SPIN database.  InfoEd works with over 500 medical centers, universities, institutes and corporations to focus on a single mission: increase the impact of research by transforming the research administration process.
FoundationSearch - Fully searchable, online database of foundations for the serious prospect researcher, containing vital information about the funding history, preferences and contacts of over 100,000 US foundations.
Contact the Grants Office for login information.

Other Funding Resources
Use the Grants Office.
That's what we're here for!

Background Information: The Grants Office has background information on many foundations and granting agencies; contact us to find out more about Calvin's relationship with a particular foundation or funding agency.

Former proposals: We keep copies of all proposals submitted by the college and by Calvin faculty. Contact us if you would like to see a particular proposal.

Calvin Links: Our office can connect you with Calvin faculty for guidance who have received grants from various organizations.

Listservs: The Grants Office receives daily notices about government and foundation grant opportunities. If you would like us to watch for such opportunities, please e-mail us a short project description so we know what to be watching for.

Internal Funding: Information on internal funding opportunities is available through the Office for Research and Scholarship.