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Why am I required to report FEN-related activities?
In 2010 the Faculty Senate and Board of Trustees approved an expansion of the From Every Nation: A Revised Comprehensive Plan for Racial Justice, Reconciliation and Cross-cultural Engagement at Calvin College (FEN) document. While the themes of the document remained the same, several goals and recommended strategies were amended to enable the campus to live into its commitment to diversity.

The requirement for faculty and staff to participate in a FEN-related activity is based on the following FEN document goal: Calvin College will develop a more racially and culturally diverse faculty, one that increasingly reflects the multiracial and multicultural character of the Body of Christ, a faculty able to discern and counter racism in all its forms and to embody the reconciling power of the Gospel. (FEN, 55)

Attached to the goal are several strategies:

  • Each division will find ways to provide encouragement, strategies, and financial support for departmental initiatives and faculty/staff development in these areas.
  • All staff (.5 FTE and above), faculty, and administrators will participate in FEN-related development opportunities at least once every year to raise awareness and competency around issues of race and ethnicity.
  • The faculty/staff development opportunities include but are not limited to: book groups, anti-racism training, cultural competency training, or conferences. (FEN, 56)
    A digital copy of FEN can be found at
What are the Major Learning Outcomes for FEN events for staff and faculty?

1. Make a commitment to learning more.

  • Diversity is complex. There are things we all don’t know; there is always more to learn. We need to discover what we do not know; to unlearn false notions; and be abreast of current diversity issues.

2. Be able to articulate mission-related reasons for becoming a more diverse community:

  • Biblical Mission,
  • Higher Education Mission

3. Know how to interact with others in a culturally competent way:

  • To better understand one’s racialized self and the racialized context of others
  • Show sensitivity and appreciation for difference
  • Show sensitivity to and a willingness to act against ignorance, injustice, and bigotry.
Who is required to annually participate in and report their FEN-related activities?
FEN-related professional development is required of faculty, staff, administrators, and Board of Trustee members.
  • Faculty and Administrators should submit FEN-related professional development under category "G. Faculty Development/Community Service" on the Faculty Activities Reporting form (all other categories also provide a place for faculty to check if that activity is FEN-related).
  • Staff (5 FTE and above) should submit their FEN-related activities on the Staff Activity Reporting form. Staff who are less than .5 FTE are still encouraged to participate in FEN-related activities and report these activities on your Professional Development Plan (PDP).
  • Board of Trustees member form is currently under construction.
FAQ: What counts as a FEN-related activity?
Faculty development opportunities include but are not limited to: book groups, anti-racism training, cultural competency training, or conferences. (FEN, 56). Ideally, the focus of activities should be that of professional development rather than a social relationship, i.e., attending a holiday meal at the home of a person-of-color would not count; however, dinner meetings with a small diverse book group for the purposes of discussing a book on race relations would count.

Generally, lectures, workshops, and trainings which address aspects of multicultural citizenship, anti-racism and accountability, and restoration and reconciliation offered by the Office for Multicultural Affairs or the Multicultural Student Development Office (MSDO) are acceptable. Additionally, FEN-themed lectures, trainings (such as OMA's Diversity Training Resources), or book groups sponsored by academic departments as professional development may also be appropriate. i.e., department members attending a department-sponsored campus-wide lecture on discipline-related diversity issues or a department-sponsored book group on a discipline-related book focused on diversity issues would both count.

Furthermore, there are opportunities within the larger Grand Rapids community that would satisfy this requirement. Appropriate options include:

When in doubt, feel free to contact the Office for Multicultural Affairs.

Submit your Faculty FEN-related (FAR) activities now.

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