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Case Study

Practicing Liberal Arts and Place: Case Studies

In this section we share case studies of projects which have been developed in a wide variety of liberal arts disciplines which intersect liberal arts and place.  In each case study the author describes the project created, its relevance to the course being taught, and a brief bibliography of appropriate theory and research which links traditional liberal arts content with the specific local issue(s).  Suggestions have been included for potential course placement for each case study and pedagogical suggestions have been included to foster students’ learning and engagement.  Most case studies include suggestions about how to involve community leaders in the design of the project.  Our hope is that these case studies will promote creativity, foster dialogue and critique, and encourage faculty at liberal arts colleges to consider the strengths, issues and needs particular to their place as they undertake their teaching and research.   We welcome questions, comments and suggestions and have included contact information for the authors of each of these case studies. The case studies are presented by discipline and can be found in the following order: