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Strategic Priorities - Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Programs/Creation Care at Calvin College
Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP)
The Calvin Environmental Assessment Program are a service-learning initiative that focuses on environmental research in order to assess and improve the environmental health of Calvin and the surrounding community. Urban neighborhoods often suffer disproportionately from environmental pollution including poor air quality, water contamination, or lead poisoning. CEAP collects and analyzes data to address issues of environmental concern in Grand Rapids.
Plaster Creek Stewards
In recent years a number of faculty, staff and students at Calvin have gathered to brainstorm ways we can care for our watershed. Because of our location in the Plaster Creek watershed which is part of the Great Lakes Ecosystem and because of our commitment to environmental stewardship, we are constantly seeking ways to use our programs and expertise to preserve, protect, and restore local environmental resources.
Food for Thought: A Farm-to-College Initiative
Local food procurement, for many institutions and businesses, offers a powerful opportunity to create an additional sense of enthusiasm about sustainability. Food connects us with people and celebrates our sense of place. Our approach to food touches on culture, economics, land use, our seasons and the environment—all at once. Food for Thought is a new initiative at Calvin to provide local food in some of the campus eating venues as well as to weave food issues into the curriculum across various disciplines. With new ideas generated from a visit to Kenyon College in the spring of 2006 and support from the Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council, Calvin intends to build on the momentum started in 2005-2006.