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Calvin students performing on stage

Get Involved!

Intentionally embrace and encourage diversity. Below are ways you can challenge yourself to gain a better understanding of diversity, to enhance personal and professional development, and to become better campus resources and leaders.

Participate in a congregation or neigborhood multi-racial/ethnic activity.

Start or join a group to discuss books or movies that explore other cultures.

Attend a lecture with a diversity theme.

Develop a cross-cultural friendship: Invite someone to dinner who is from another ethnic/racial culture.

Familiarize yourself, your family and friends with the music, books and art of ther cultures.

Attend a Diversity Workshop

Stand up to stereotypes and negative comments, and educate anyone who says them.

Incorporate diversity themes into your coursework.

Take a course to learn about another group- be it gender, religion, ability, or race-expose yourself to new ideas.

Step outside your comfort zone. In order to fully embrace others we must deny ourselves. Deny youserf the comfort of your everyday life.

Cultural Calendars

Participating in various activities and events is a great way to expose yourself to new experiences and ideas.

OMA Events
Calvin Event Calendars
MSDO Events