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Calvin students outside

Key points about Diversity

Why Diversity Should
Engage Us

All members of the Calvin community are urged to engage this issue. We will be successful in our efforts, and we must be successful, only if we commit ourselves as a community to this effort. Students sitting under a treeEach of us--in our work environments, in our public interactions, and in our personal relationships--must aspire to the goals we have set for ourselves. Our integrity, as well as our success as an institution of higher education, demands nothing less.

What Diversity
Means to Us

Calvin College has adopted the term "diverse" to describe the kind of community we hope to build and maintain on our campus. Our definition of what constitutes diversity may--and probably should--change over time, but when we promote diversity now we are expressing our commitment to an inclusive campus community, enriched by persons of different races, genders, ethnicities, nationalities, economic backgrounds, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, and spiritual values; (more)

What Diversity Requires
of Us

StudentThe College's culture reflects our broader national and international culture, marked by the division of people into dominant and subordinate groups. We must pay particular attention to the differences that have the most powerful adverse effects on people's lives. (more)