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Timeline - Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Decisions

May 1:

  • The provost notifies candidates for reappointment, promotion, and tenure consideration during the fall (to be effective the following September)
  • The provost notifies candidates for tenure consideration one year hence (for example for consideration during fall, 2005 to be effective September 2006)


  • Chair solicits input from students, alumni, and colleagues.  Chair arranges for classroom visits and discussion of faith and learning statements.

September 15:

  • Deadline for candidate for reappointment to submit CV, self-evaluation, professional plan, and integration of faith and learning statement to the department chair.

October 15:

  • Chair submits dossier to PSC. The dossier includes all documents in the checklist. For chairs with more than one reappointment case, this deadline can be somewhat flexible. On the other hand, PSC appreciates having several dossiers in earlier than this date.

Late December

  • The deans inform the candidates and chairs of the action of PSC. It is important to note that all candidates are informed at the same time – PSC does not report its actions at the time they are taken. The action of PSC is a recommendation to the president who must, in turn, take this recommendation to the Board of Trustees.


  • The Board of Trustees ratifies the work of the PSC. Candidates for first reappointment and candidates for tenure are interviewed by the Board at this meeting.

September 1 (following the reappointment decision):

  • This is the effective date of the reappointment, tenure, or promotion.