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Physical Plant Project Approval Process

  1. The process for requesting Physical Plant to do a remodeling project starts with submitting a project request form. Any faculty member may initiate the form.

  2. The reqestor submits the form to the department chair. The proposed project should have departmental approval, perhaps obtained via discussion at a department meeting. The department chair's signature on the form indicates that departmental approval has been obtained.
  3. The department chair submits the form to the divisional dean for "concept approval." This is the stage where the deans consider the viability of the project given current needs across campus. For example, a proposal to install an authentic Greek bath house in the Classics Department would likely get stalled at this point in the process . . .
  4. If the dean considers the project to be viable at this time, the dean will indicate concept approval and submit the request form to Physical Plant for drawings and a price estimate. The Physical Plant representatives will consult with the original requestor and department when drawing the project plans.
  5. The requestor then resubmits the request form, accompanied by supporting documents such as blueprints and cost estimates, to the provost. The requestor should keep a copy of all the documents for his/her own records as well.
  6. If the provost approves the project, it will be submitted to the President's Cabinet for approval.
  7. The Cabinet may approve, defer, or deny the request. If the request is approved, physical plant is informed and the project is added to the list of projects in process.
  8. The projects in process list is prioritized so that it might still be some time before work begins on the project. When a project reaches this phase, Physical Plant should have some idea of the schedule for completing it.