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Assessment - Critical Thinking Resources

Campus Resources

Early in the 2006-07 academic year, the provost appointed a Task Force to study critical thinking at Calvin. It addressed questions such as what is critical thinking, does Calvin's concept of CT differ from that at other schools, how are we doing in developing CT among our students, and how can we do better? The Task Force completed its work last spring. The following two documents are outcomes of the Task Force's work.

  • Report of Critical Thinking Task Force (2006-2007): doc | pdf
  • Critical Thinking Rubric: doc | pdf

Sampling of Online Resources

Overview of Critical Thinking:

Assessing Critical Thinking:

Critical Reading & Writing:

  • Dan Kurland's
    Everyone complains that students cannot read well… and yet most high schools and colleges offer no course in critical reading. This is the website for just such a course... shows you how to recognize what a text says, what a text does, and what a text means by analyzing choices of content, language, and structure. It shows you what to look for, and how to think about what you find."
  • Teaching Critical Thinking Through Writing, Dartmouth College Composition Centre
    Nice short piece on improving critical thinking through writing exercises in the context of an undergraduate subject. 

General Resources:

  • by Nathianel and Hans Bluedorn
    A website all about logic for Christians, with a home-schooling orientation.  In many ways this is a wonderful, delightful site, with lots of interesting material and useful resources. 
  • The Fallacy Files, by Gary Curtis
    This site is: 1) a collection of named fallacies, that is, types of bad reasoning which someone has thought distinctive and interesting enough to name and describe; and
    2) A collection of fallacious, or otherwise bad, arguments, that is, examples of reasoning which may commit one or more of the named fallacies under 1, or are bad in some way yet to be classified.

Teaching Critical Thinking: