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Student Learning Outcomes - Core Curriculum


The Core Curriculum Committee (CCC) has developed sets of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) that relate to each of the core categories within the core curriculum.  These brief statements are designed to serve as a reminder of the goals of the core category and as tools for assessing how well a course is accomplishing these goals.  

The SLOs were developed by extracting three to five statements from the core document that summarized the goals of that category.  The SLOs were then sent to each department, or instructor who had direct involvement in teaching that core category, for review and eventual approval. 

What Now?

The CCC is now distributing these SLOs with the intention that departments and instructors will do the following:

  1. Include SLOs in course syllabi for courses taught in a particular core category so that instructors and students alike will be aware of the core goals for the course.  Additional goals that pertain to the specifics of a discipline also may be listed, at the discretion of the instructor.
  2. Consider using SLOs as guides for doing assessment within the department–if such assessment involves a core course.  There may be a variety of ways that these SLOs could be used in departmental assessment, but these statements could serve as guides to the types of outcomes you would want to examine.
  3. Be aware that course evaluation forms for courses that are part of a core area normally include these statements. Students rate the extent to which these outcomes have been accomplished in the course. The Assessment Committee and the Core Curriculum Committee then use the data to evaluate the effectiveness of core areas and to provide feedback for continual improvement.