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Self-Study Report: Chapter Seven

Basic Institutional Data Forms

The attached Basic Institutional Data Forms (BIDs) are designed to provide useful statistical information to the Evaluation Team that is scheduled to visit your campus. The forms should be completed and submitted with your Self-Study Report to the Commission, and to the Evaluation Team. (Refer to Chapter 5, Maintaining Accredited Status Through the Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality, in the Handbook of Accreditation, Third Edition, as needed.)

Institutions submitting reports for comprehensive evaluations should complete all of the Forms. Institutions submitting reports for focused evaluations will be asked to complete and submit the specific portions of the Basic Institutional Data Forms that are pertinent to area(s) of focus being evaluated. Please contact your Commission Staff Liaison if you have any questions concerning the Forms. The following information should be helpful to you:

  1. Comparable data may be substituted for that specified in the Forms; in which case, provide notes explaining the data provided, as appropriate.
  2. If a particular form is not applicable to your institution, please indicate with “N.A.”
  3. Submit copies of the two most recent financial audit reports. (The revised BIDs no longer contain financial schedules.)
  4. Information is generally requested for the current academic year (the year your institutional Self-Study Report is being completed for submission to the Commission), and for the previous two years. To assure the accuracy and currency of data, feel free to establish different reporting periods among the Forms. (The enrollment data may reflect the Fall Semester of the current academic year while the learning resources data may come from an Annual Summary of the previous academic year. Please specify.)
  5. It is imperative that the information reported in these forms agrees with the data provided in the Self-Study Report and accompanying documents.

We recognize that the BID Forms can be awkward for some institutions to use, and some of the questions we have posed may seem dated. However, no later than the January 1, 2005 date for using the new Criteria for Accreditation, the Commission also will implement a revised annual reporting process. This revision will result in the discontinuance of the BIDs as we have used them over the years. Our aim is to make the data sets more in line with the kind of information institutions provide in their IPEDS reporting.

We continue to value your thoughts and observations about data collection and how to make the information forms more useful for the Commission and for its member institutions.

November 2003

Download Basic Institutional Data Forms (BIDs) in PDF Format