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Printing Services - Submit an Order

There are several ways to submit your printing request to us:

  1. Put your instructions into our email order form (use the Online Order Form button),
    attach your files (preferably in pdf format), and send it to us.
  2. or Send your paper originals to us with a Print Job Request Form attached.
  3. or Drop off your paper originals or your flash drive in person.
    • 8-4:30, Mon-Fri during the academic year.
    • 8-4:00, Mon-Fri during summer and vacation breaks.

Click here to open our email-based online order form:
Printing Services Online Order Form

-it could take a few seconds to load, so don't give up.
-or try a different web browser.

-click here if the form doesn't appear for you.


Things you should know before you send a job to Printing Services:

  • You really, really should convert your files to pdf before you send them.
    • It ensures that what we print will look like what you sent.
    • After you convert your files to pdf, look at them.
      • Yes, we occasionally print a file for somebody who sent us an incorrect or incomplete file. We print what you send, but we don't know what you intended it to look like.
  • We bill the charges to your department's Printing Services account unless you specify otherwise.
    • Personal printing must be paid for when picking it up.


Order Form Didn't Appear?

A Printing Services Order Form will not appear in a new email message on your screen if you are setup to send your email through a web browser, such as OWA ( Outlook Web Application) or GMail.
In that case, copy the text below and paste it into an email to:


1. My name, Dept/Org, Phone:

2. Name/Description of this printing job:

3. Payment method:
  -Department/Org printing is charged to its Printing Services account (-50315) unless you specify otherwise. Tell us your Account Number.
  -Personal work should be paid at pickup.
  -We accept cash, check, credit/debit, and student Miscellaneous Acct.

 4. How many copies?

 5. Double-Sided or Single-Sided? (You get double-sided unless you specify otherwise):  

6. Black and White, Color, or Mixed? (You get the same as your original unless you specify otherwise): 

7. Page color, size, weight/thickness? (You get the same as your original unless you specify otherwise): 

8. What finishing options do you want? 
  -3-hole punched; comb binding; coil binding; Perfect Bound/glued; folded and stapled? 

9. When do you need it? Be real.  

10. How do you want to receive it?  
  -We ICM it to your dept unless you specify otherwise.  

11. What else should we know?  

12. Attach your file/files to this email and send it in.  
  -We strongly prefer .pdf file format.  


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