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Search Process - Updates

January 7, 2012

Michael K. Le Roy, Ph.D., appointed by Board of Trustees

On Saturday, January 7, The Calvin College Board of Trustees voted to accept the recommendation of the presidential search committee and appoint Michael K. Le Roy, Ph.D., to the position of President at Calvin College. Le Roy was the presidential search committee's unanimous recommendation to the Board.

Le Roy will need ratification of the Board's decision at the Christian Reformed Church's SYNOD meeting in June 2012 in order to become Calvin's next president.

December 14, 2011

Search Committee recommends candidate for President

The Presidential Search Committee has reached a unanimous decision in their recommendation for the next president of Calvin College.

On Wednesday, December 14, exactly six months after the committee began meeting, the group announced in a letter to the Calvin community that they are recommending Dr. Michael Le Roy to the Board of Trustees for the position of President of Calvin College.

Le Roy currently serves as provost and executive vice president at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. In the search committee’s announcement, they noted, “His strengths as a scholar, teacher and administrator and his deep passion for Reformed Christianity make him an ideal fit for our college.”

The committee is planning events in January that will allow members of the Calvin community to interact with Le Roy. The tentative schedule will include meetings with Calvin’s Board of Trustees, faculty members, students, staff and the cabinet.

The board of trustees will have the opportunity to approve the search committee’s recommendation of Le Roy at their next board meeting in early February.

October 12, 2011

Committee makes final preparations for initial interviews

The Presidential Search Committee met on Tuesday, October 4 and again on Wednesday, October 12, with both meetings being among the longest the committee has had to date.

On Tuesday, October 4, the committee spent the majority of its time reviewing more applicants and narrowing down the candidate pool. After lengthy discussions on each of the candidates, the committee reached a united decision on which people to invite for initial interviews. The committee feels it has a solid list of candidates, who represent a range of experiences and who share a passion to serve at Calvin College.

On Wednesday, October 12, the committee spent the bulk of its time preparing for the initial interview stage, specifically coming up with a standardized list of questions to ask each of the candidates. The committee members were asked to formulate questions specific to his or her area of expertise that would be important to ask presidential candidates. The committee members also considered feedback they received from Calvin faculty and staff in refining the common questions that will be used for the first interviews.

The committee has reached a crucial stage in the presidential search process: it has identified a group of qualified candidates. The committee members, however, admit that narrowing that group down to one over the next few months will be a challenging task. The committee continues to be appreciative of the prayers offered by the Calvin community, both near and afar, and is encouraged by the unity among the presidential search committee members.

The committee continues to ask for prayer, specifically for continued unity, discernment and guidance. They also encourage the college’s various constituencies to continue to dialogue with them throughout this process as they have found the feedback they’ve already received to be invaluable.

September 22, 2011

Committee reviews more nominations, begins prepping for interviews

The Presidential Search Committee met on Thursday, September 22, 2011.Much like the last meeting, a portion of their time together was spent reviewing nominations and the information that was furnished by the nominators. The balance of the meeting focused on the upcoming interview process. The committee continued their discussion from last meeting on the Critical Leadership Benchmarks, which will be used in evaluating candidates. They also talked about the interview procedure, including what questions would be important to ask candidates in the first interview. While the committee agreed that the opportunity profile will by-and-large form the basis for the oral questions that are asked in the interviews, the board chair has asked each committee member to come up with a few questions, specific to each of their interests, that they feel would be important to ask potential candidates.

The committee is thankful for the input that they have received from various constituencies in forming the opportunity profile as they say that has served them well in filtering through the nominations received. The committee is pleased with both the amount and quality of nominations that have been received so far. They also say they will continue to accept nominations into October.

The committee’s next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 4. At that meeting they will review the questions that each committee member has come up with and finalize a list of questions to be used in the first set of interviews. Between now and the October 4 meeting, the committee welcomes its various constituencies to e-mail any suggestions for questions to any of the members of the presidential search committee. Those questions will be given consideration at the committee’s next meeting.

The committee members seek prayers for discernment as they continue in the search for Calvin’s next president.

August 25, 2011

Committee provides update at Fall Conference for Faculty and Staff

The presidential search committee has transitioned into the next phase of the presidential search process. In late July, the committee finalized the opportunity profile and nomination process for selecting the next president of Calvin College. In early August, the committee began placing advertisements in various publications (Chronicle of Higher Ed, Christianity Today, The Banner, etc.) in hopes of attracting qualified candidates who would meet the expectations laid out in the opportunity profile. Now, they are beginning to sort through the nominations that they have received so far, some as a result of those listings.

On Thursday, August 25, the committee met again on-campus. They began their day by participating in the Fall Conference for Faculty and Staff, providing the Calvin community with an update on the presidential search process. A number of the committee members and the search consultant, Rob Stevenson, were in attendance.

Dave Vander Ploeg, Rob Stevenson and Jennifer Holberg fielded questions from faculty and staff about the search process, timeline and the makeup of the committee. The committee members also emphasized their gratitude to the Calvin community for their participation thus far in the presidential search process. Rob Stevenson noted that his search consulting company would not soon forget Calvin College, who nearly tripled the record for the number of responses by an institution to a presidential search survey. Stan Haan concluded the session with a time of prayer.

Following the meeting with faculty and staff, the presidential search committee had its formal meeting on campus. During that time, the committee reviewed the nominations that they have received so far and also the information furnished by the nominators. They also had a brief discussion of the Critical Leadership Benchmarks, which will be used in evaluating all candidates. The latest draft was reviewed. An updated draft will be looked at when the committee meets again on Thursday, September 22.

The committee concluded their time together by talking about the role and expectations of the future president’s spouse. This was a discussion that was sparked by an article that recently appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The committee was in agreement that this topic should be discussed with both the candidates and their spouses.

The committee concluded their time in prayer and continues to ask for prayer from the Calvin community.

July 28, 2011

Committee puts finishing touches on opportunity profile

The Presidential Search Committee met on July 28, 2011. The main item of business was to finalize the opportunity profile—a document that describes the qualifications, experience, characteristics, gifts and abilities desired in the next president of Calvin College.

The editing subcommittee (Jennifer Holberg, Won Lee and Mary Hulst), which was formed at the July 7 meeting, provided the full committee with a summary of feedback on the opportunity profile. Their document reflected changes based on the input given by faculty, staff and other constituencies. The subcommittee categorized the issues raised and indicated their recommendation for dealing with each category. The full committee then went through the opportunity profile page-by-page and made final tweaks to the document.

The final versions of both the opportunity profile and the nomination process were approved by the committee and are now posted on the presidential search website. The committee set September 30, 2011, as the deadline for accepting nominations, but intends to receive applications until an unspecified date.

The committee is thankful for the ongoing prayers of support and appreciative of the priceless input the various constituencies have provided thus far. They will continue to seek feedback throughout the search process.

The group agreed to provide faculty and staff with an interim report at the Faculty and Staff Fall Conference on August 25, which also marks the date of the committee’s next meeting.

July 7, 2011

Committee discusses opportunity profile, nominating process form

The Presidential Search Committee met on July 7, 2011, marking their third meeting in the past three weeks. As anticipated, much of the meeting was devoted to working through a second draft of the opportunity profile—a document that describes the qualifications, experience, characteristics, gifts and abilities desired in the next president of Calvin College.

Committee members discussed and offered line-by-line edits to the opportunity profile.  A draft of the nominating process form, which will be used for nominating presidential candidates, was also reviewed.

Both the opportunity profile and the nominating process form were referred to a subcommittee of three members (Jennifer Holberg, Won Lee and Mary Hulst) who will complete the editing based on the discussion that took place among the committee. The subcommittee will then send the revised draft via e-mail to all committee members. If approved, on July 15, the latest draft will be e-mailed to faculty, staff and Calvin’s Board of Trustees for their comments. Those constituencies will have one week to provide feedback for the subcommittee’s consideration.

The subcommittee will make necessary edits to both the opportunity profile and nominating process form and bring them to the full committee for approval at their next meeting on July 28, 2011.

June 30, 2011

Presidential Search Committee gives input for Opportunity Profile

The Presidential Search Committee met for the second time on June 30, 2011.

At the meeting, Russ Crabtree, owner of Holy Cow Consulting in Columbus, Ohio, whose firm conducted the survey, shared the results of the more than 1,750 surveys. He noted the differences among the groups who completed the survey; faculty, staff, trustees, students and alumni. He also noted that several hundred pages of comments and advice were provided.

The committee was extremely grateful for all of the feedback provided in the survey. The wealth of information that was received will serve as a guide for the committee as they go through this search process. The committee will continue to refer back to those comments in the weeks ahead.

The balance of the meeting was spent reviewing the benchmarks, which will be used to evaluate the candidates and working on the Opportunity Profile, which describes the qualifications, experience, characteristics, gifts and abilities desired in the next president of Calvin College. Members were requested to send any suggestions for edits of the initial draft of the Opportunity Profile to the search consultant, Rob Stevenson.

The next meeting will be Thursday, July 7, 2011. The committee will look over a draft of the Opportunity Profile, which will incorporate the edits from the committee members. Discussion relating to the opportunity profile is expected to take up the majority of the next meeting.

The committee concluded the meeting in a time of prayer. Many survey respondents urged the committee to bathe their deliberations in prayer and promised to pray for them. The committee continues to ask for prayer from its various constituencies.

June 14, 2011

Presidential Search Committee holds initial meeting

The presidential search committee has officially convened. On Monday, June 13, 2011, the group had its initial meeting in the president’s dining room of the Prince Conference Center.

The first meeting provided committee members with the opportunity to meet one another and learn more about the procedures and the timeline of the search process. Search consultant, Rob Stevenson of SIMA International, North Central Office, a well-known search firm, which works with Christian colleges and ministries, was in attendance.

The committee pledged to work diligently during the search process. In addition, the group is dedicated to being as transparent as possible with Calvin faculty, staff, administration, alumni and students throughout the search, while also pledging absolute confidentiality to any candidate and will not be able to engage in any discussion of candidate identities, background or attributes.

While made up of just 16 members, the committee is devoted to building the search process on the input of the college’s various valued constituencies. In fact, more than 1,750 Calvin faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the college took the time to complete the extensive presidential survey. Said Stevenson: “Calvin stakeholders are passionate and care deeply for Calvin’s future.” The committee is encouraging its various stakeholders to continue to offer input by contacting any of the committee members throughout the search process.

The committee will be utilizing both the survey results and other feedback in formulating the benchmarks for ideal characteristics of the next president, which will in turn serve as the basis for the opportunity profile that will be given to presidential candidates.

The committee will have a busy start to the summer, meeting twice in the next three weeks. Their first item of business is to analyze the survey results and develop a draft of the opportunity profile, which will be posted on the presidential search website in July.