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Search Committee Recommends Candidate for President

Dr. LeRoyIt is with great joy that we announce that the search committee has unanimously recommended Michael K. Le Roy, Ph.D. (.pdf), to the Board of Trustees for the position of President of Calvin College. His appointment is pending, based on approval by the Board of Trustees.

Michael K. Le Roy currently serves as Provost and Executive Vice President at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. His strengths as a scholar, teacher, and administrator and his deep passion for Reformed Christianity make him an ideal fit for our college. The committee received many strong applications and interviewed many fine candidates. We have determined that Michael K. Le Roy is an excellent fit to our opportunity profile and with God's grace will provide outstanding leadership for Calvin in the coming years.

Our committee, with membership drawn from all the different constituent groups, has listened attentively to input from so many people who care deeply about Calvin College. We are grateful for all of your input and support throughout the search process. We have worked as a team to find the best person for the position and we are immensely pleased now not just to present Michael K. Le Roy as our candidate, but to do so with unanimous committee support.

We are eager to introduce Michael K. Le Roy to the community and to receive your feedback as the Board prepares to vote on his selection. To that end, we are scheduling events in January that will allow members of the Calvin community to interact with Michael K. Le Roy. The tentative schedule will include meetings with the Board of Trustees, faculty members, students, staff and the cabinet.

Rejoice with us in God's provision of the next leader for our college. Pray with us that as the Le Roy family prepares for this transition God's grace will attend them.