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Stewardship is defined as "the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care." In the Calvin community, we make every effort to be diligent stewards of all things that have been entrusted to our care — the following are of special note:

  • This institution — its mission, founding Christian Reformed denomination, rich history and tradition, and its legacy of alumni, faculty, administrators and friends who have cared for and supported the college for nearly 130 years.

  • Faculty and staff who faithfully uphold the mission of the college, sustain academic excellence, profess the Reformed tradition of Christian faith, maintain the integration of faith and learning in the classroom and beyond, and support the vitality and well-being of the campus community.

  • Our students, who are with us on campus during four especially formative years of their lives. In this community of faith we are grateful to participate in their spiritual and scholarly development, and encourage their work in God's kingdom as agents of renewal.

  • Financial resources from alumni and friends that have been entrusted to the college. These gifts require responsible management through wise investment, prudent allocation of funds, thoughtful planning, and prayerful decision-making regarding the use of these and all resources.

With gratitude we serve as stewards of these "Calvin resources" and acknowledge the many members of the Calvin family who participate in this important task with us.

Calvin's endowment increased 19 percent this fiscal year from $68,831,257 in June 2004 to $82,053,837 in June 2005. The spendable income from endowment is nearly $4 million annually. Maintaining and strengthening a robust endowment is an important fiscal priority. To ensure Calvin's future strength, the college must continually augment its endowment, and we are grateful for the endowment growth this past year.

Calvin is recognized nationally as one of the "best buys" among private colleges; our tuition consistently ranks below that of almost all of our peers. In addition, the college provides more then 90 percent of our students with some form of financial assistance. Last year the average need-based financial aid award was $13,600.

Focusing on affordable Christian education, Calvin works to maintain tuition well below the average for private colleges and universities nationally. This commitment is aided by the generosity of our alumni and friends whose financial support helps keep tuition affordable.

We are grateful for the numerous ways alumni, friends, foundations and corporations invest in Calvin and generously support the mission and work of the college.

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