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Building Endowment

Doug '88 and Sally '89 De Roo Brink know the value of a lasting commitment. The two were high school sweethearts who married a year after graduating from Calvin.

The Brinks also have a lasting commitment to Calvin that they demonstrate by designating their financial gifts to build Calvin's endowment.

"It's for the kids who are there now; it's for our kids, if they go there (and, hopefully, they will); and it's for future generations," Sally offered. "It's…our hope that with tuition rising consistently, it will…make it more affordable for people."

Last year, because of uncertain state funding for private colleges, tuition and room and board at Calvin rose 6.5 percent. The raise covered much-needed increases in faculty salaries and also guaranteed continued accessibility to financial aid. Even with the increase in tuition, the college offers a superb Christian liberal arts education at a cost well below that of its peer institutions. Along with the college's 370 endowed scholarships, which support qualified students in every department, the Calvin endowment also supports faculty research and programs such as the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship and the Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics.

"It's important because it funds programs and scholarships at Calvin in perpetuity. The need to build Calvin's endowment, like the Brinks are doing, is imperative to ensuring the college's financial security," said Bob Berkhof, the college's vice president for development.

Perhaps it's the Brinks' financial insight—she majored in accounting, and he majored in business—that helps them to appreciate long-term investment. Or perhaps it's something simpler: the desire to help out.

"We're both alumni. We both know the value of trying to have an affordable education," Doug explained. Though the eldest of the couple's three children is only six years old, they are looking ahead. "It's timeless," he said. "It won't help the current kids a lot, but it helps everyone a little."


Doug and Sally Brink
Doug and Sally Brink
 Endowment Assets
Calvin's endowment assests total $47.7 million with $11,547 per student.
  • Calvin's endowment assests total $47.7 million with $11,547 per student.


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