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"Choose a vocation that will give you the satisfaction that you are helping other human beings along the road of life."—Class of '52 

President's Message

Stepping Forward cont'd.

"We all share the same planet, we all draw upon the same resources and we all have the same opportunities to impact it," said Calvin biology professor Randy Van Dragt, the director of the preserve. "What better thing to share with students than the natural world?"

Community was brought into brighter focus this year through another major endeavor. Calvin landed a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to purposefully build partnerships between college academic departments and organizations and businesses in the Burton Heights neighborhood of Grand Rapids. The "Community Outreach Partnership Centers" program is already, in its first year of a three-year program, making a difference in education, health, housing, business and community spirit. The residents of Burton Heights, a predominately Hispanic neighborhood with few previous ties to Calvin, are getting quite familiar with Calvin faculty, students and staff.

Two other grant-funded initiatives caused a flurry of activity this year as well, and both came from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. The first is called "Educating for Vocation" and will allow Calvin to develop a series of programs, retreats and research to get students and professors thinking more deeply about God's calling in all of life. The other Lilly project is entitled "Vibrant Worship, Healthy Congregations" and will allow our Institute of Christian Worship to help energize many forms of worship in congregations all over the continent.

Our faculty was at its ambitious best this year, with numerous books and impressive studies catching the eye of experts and lay learners alike. Women professors led the way, with well- received publications from professors Margaret Bendroth (Growing Up Protestant) and Debra Rienstra (Great With Child). Our Calvin Theatre Company made some history, as professor Stephanie Sandberg unveiled a new play about Shaker women ("As It Is in Heaven") and Debra Freeberg directed the first play in Calvin history that had an all African-American cast ("The Piano Lesson"). And this was the year we again hosted the Festival of Faith and Writing, filling our classrooms and sites beyond our campus with writers, scholars, publishers and readers from all over North America eager to connect art with spirit.


Many from the Calvin community take part in the dedication of Calvin's Crossing.
Many from the Calvin community take part in the dedication of Calvin's Crossing.
The Lilly Vocation Project
The Lilly Vocation Project
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