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"...Grateful to our ancestors   ...faithful to our heirs." 
President's Report 2002
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Inspiring Generations

Amazed at the achievements and contributions of our alumni and friends worldwide, President Emeritus William Spoelhof says, "They've caught the spirit; they are carrying out the mission of the college. In a sense, the college has never left them nor they the college. Our alumni have taken the college with them—with an obligation to pass it on to future generations." But, he adds, "While we delight in the achievements of our graduates, they must remember they have been prepared to be kingdom-builders as they carry out the mission of the college. God has to be paramount."

Spoelhof is approaching his 93rd birthday, and he visits the college nearly every day to enjoy the life of the campus. This past year he followed closely, and enthusiastically, the construction of "Calvin's Crossing." The Crossing and two new buildings on the east side of campus represent another phase of the Knollcrest that Spoelhof helped develop more than 40 years ago and which Presidents Diekema and Byker continued. He believes the bridge illustrates the unity of the college. The William Spoelhof SocietyHe also thinks there is a special symbolism in the bridge as it links to the DeVos Communication Center. "The bridge anchors in the DeVos building, which houses the important department of communication arts and sciences, and to me—in broader meaning—symbolizes the academic motif of the entire campus. It also symbolizes our mission in building Christ's kingdom in the broader reaches of culture and civilization."

Still visionary, Spoelhof believes the college is adjusting well to new trends in education and to new student opportunities. He observes, "All this demands an ever-increasing attention to the world around us in order to be effective kingdom-builders in the world. The college cannot stand still, and Calvin is on the move to meet the needs of today. However, its foundation must remain steadfast."

Dr. William Spoelhof
William Spoelhof
The William Spoelhof Society, which recognizes alumni and friends who have notified Calvin of a planned gift, currently has a membership representing more than 500 households. The combined gifts of the members of the William Spoelhof Society and their commitment to Calvin may have been on Dr. Spoelhof's mind when he made the following statement: "Our strength comes not from one person. It is all of us together that makes our strength. And that doesn't end with a student's graduation."
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