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This Square Inch

May 2015

“In late April, Andrea and I had the pleasure of hosting faculty and staff who have decided to retire after centuries of service to generations of students.

During the evening I heard wonderful stories about life at Calvin over the years. One of my favorites came from Gerry Van Kooten, who is retiring from geology, geography and environmental studies. He recalled a time when he walked into class and two theater majors dropped some pebbles into his hand that they asked him to identify. In front of 40 students he earnestly pontificated on their shiny character (indicative of silicate minerals), their smooth finish (suggesting a long exposure to water) and more. But, as he narrowed his identification of these rocks, he noticed that they were melting in his hand. In that moment, the pebbles were exposed as chocolate, and he was exposed as a professor who’d been hoodwinked by his students.…”

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