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Objective 1: Focus On Mission

We will invigorate Calvin College’s identity and mission in terms that connect its particular history with its global future. GO >>

Objective 2: Focus On Learning

We will educate students in a learning community that is well designed to prepare them for lives of service and influence in God's world. GO >>

Objective 3: Focus On Organizational Integrity

We aim to be a community that lives what it teaches, and teaches what it lives. Therefore, much of our effort will focus on strengthening an infrastructure that ensures the sustainability and excellence of the college and its mission. GO >>

Objective 4: Focus On Influence

As a Christian community of learners, we will seek broad influence through the discovery and application of knowledge and through the beauty and joy of creative work. GO >>

Objective 5: Focus On Partnership

Calvin College, through its academic mission, will serve the church as a valued partner in higher education and will serve varied local, national, and global communities. GO >>