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Course Offerings

Summer Academy participants take one three-week course that covers the content of an entire college semester.  The Summer Academy provides college students who serve as academic mentors and assist students with skill development for the college learner.  Both courses will meet college general education (core) requirements.

Visual Rhetoric (3 credits)

Is a picture really worth a thousand words?  Do pictures really speak for themselves?  In this course, we will learn how visual images influence our attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors.  We will learn how we as viewers make meaning from images themselves and how we understand images when they are paired with words or sounds.  We also will analyze the strengths and limitations of visual images and words.  From this, students will learn how to create more effective visual images for presentations and other forms of communication.

Introduction to Film and Media (3 credits)

A study of film and other moving image media as art forms and cultural phenomena, including dramatic, visual, and sonic elements, theme and focus, acting, and directorial style . Topics covered include the materials and methods of media production, the major styles and genres of moving image media, and the relationship of film and television to American and world culture . Course work includes a mandatory weekly screening (lab) and readings in the history, theory, and criticism of film and television.