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Apply for the Summer Academy

Sophomores and Juniors

Application deadline: Friday, March 15, 2013

1. Complete the Summer Academy Application. You may Apply Online OR sumbit the Summer Academy Paper Application [PDF].

2. Complete and submit the following supplemental materials:


Application deadline: Friday, March 15, 2013

1. Complete an application for admission to Calvin College online, or download and print the application. This application will also include a transcript request and recommendations.

2. Complete and submit the Supplemental Application [PDF] for the Summer Academy.

*Homeschooled students may supply an academic recommendation from a parent, and we ask that you also submit two personal recommendations from someone such as an employer, pastor, or youth leader.

*Applicants exiting from the 12th grade may be required to complete college-administered placement tests, if no official test scores are available.

Admission Requirements

In selecting students for admission to The Summer Academy, Calvin College looks for evidence of Christian commitment and for the capacity and desire to learn. Students who are interested in the Christian perspective and curriculum of Calvin and who show an interest in the program’s aims are eligible for consideration.

Although the prospect of academic success is of primary consideration, the aspirations of the applicant, the recommendation of a high school counselor, teacher, or principal, and a personal recommendation that the student will make contributions to the learning community will also be considered in admission decisions. The Summer Academy admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

Application Process and Payment Timeline

To apply, complete the Summer Academy application and return it with the required documentation by March 15, 2013. Applicants will be notified by mid-April regarding admissions decisions.

There is no application fee. However, once you are accepted, an initial enrollment deposit of $300.00 is due. The enrollment deposit is not refundable beyond May 10. Payment in full is due by May 24, after which program fees are not refundable.