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Other Pre-College Opportunities

Calvin offers additional opportunities throughout the year for pre-college age youth.

Calvin Symposium on Worship: January 26-28, 2012

Worshipers and worship leaders from around the world gather each January for a time of fellowship, worship, and learning, seeking to deepen and integrate all aspects of worship, develop their gifts, encourage each other, and renew their commitment to the full ministry of the church. (Grades 9 - Adult)

Festival of Faith and Writing: April 19-21, 2012

The Festival of Faith and Writing is a biennial gathering of readers and writers that offers attendees a vibrant community where people from all backgrounds come together to discuss, celebrate, and explore the ways in which faith is represented in literature and how it plays out in our world today. (Grades 9 - Adult)

Youth Writing Festival: April, 2013

The Youth Writing Festival is a biennial event that brings together young writers from West Michigan who share a passion for reading and writing. (Grades 1-12)