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Programs: MLK Young Leaders Weekend

MLK Young Leaders Weekend

January 17-19, 2013

MLK Young Leaders Weekend is an annual three-day event featuring workshops, seminars, movies, worship, and time for reflection for local high school students who have been nominated by their churches and schools for their leadership activities and potential.

The weekend is designed to explore the philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement for effecting positive social change as well as to make a strong connection between service and thought with regard to the structural problems of a community.

From the parents of MLK Participants,

"It was great for my daughter to learn about her history and how the past still impacts her today."

"Young Leaders Weekend provided my son an opportunity to associate with other college bound students."

"Today's kids need to know why we celebrate MLK Day so that they will become involved with Civil Rights Movements that will likely arise during thier lifetime."

From the MLK Participants,

"It was so fun to spend the weekend at Calvin College and with college students. If Calvin had not offered this event, I probably would not have done anything to observe MLK Day other than vacation."

"I was challenged to really think about the ways my leadership positively and negatively influence others. It is amazing to think that Dr. King was an ordinary preacher called to lead an extraordinary mission. I plan to stay in school and go to college so that I can be better equipped to answer the call no matter how big or how small."

"At first I did not want to stand in the cold to catch a city bus to our Service Learning Site, but I learned that it can be fun to volunteer, especially when volunteering with friends. The director let us know what a difference our scrubbing the floors, cleaning refrigerators, shoveling snow, etc. made for the agency. It was good to give back."

"I felt really honored to be nominated as a MLK Young Leader. It means a lot to know that others see leadership qualities in you that you may not even see in yourself. I learned a lot and made lots of new friends."

How to apply

Complete the application and send to pre-college programs at Calvin (Contact info. below). Students must be also nominated. Ask a school or church leader who knows you well.

Applications are due no later than Friday, December 14.


Nominate a student for MLK Young Leaders Weekend.

Nomination Deadline:
Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

Contact us

616-526-6749 (phone)
616-526-6756 (fax)

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