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About Entrada

Entrada details

College learning

Entrada scholars take a 3 or 4 credit hour course along with Calvin College students and meet the same course requirements as the Calvin students. classroom students

Scholars are assigned an academic coach, a trained teacher who attends classes with them in the morning and leads a study period (academic coaching session) with the scholars following the class. Academic coaches model and teach scholars how to be successful in their specific course and in college. Entrada scholars often do as well as or better in their courses than other Calvin students.

College credit

Entrada scholars take one college course such as history, biology, philosophy, communications, or psychology. With successful completion of the course, scholars have earned 3 or 4 credit hours of Calvin College credit. This credit is transferable to most colleges. For scholars who come to Calvin, the credit and the grade value become part of their Calvin academic record. For scholars who do not come to Calvin, the Calvin Registrar's Office can assist with transferring the earned credit to your school of choice. dining hall students

College living

Entrada scholars come from all over North America and are enrichedrock wall through their interactions with one another and the Calvin students in their classes. Scholars also benefit tremendously from the activities and events held during out of classroom times. Scholars are free to use campus facilities, eg. gymnasium, pool, computer labs, library, music studios, etc. Scholars go shopping and to the movies; play laser tag and sand volleyball and lead service-learning activities in the local community. Attending worship services at local churches, Bible studies and daily devotions give scholars the opportunity to grow in their walk with God. The four weeks of work, worship and play during Entrada connect scholars in ways that build and maintain a sense of true community and lifelong friendships.

Costs and scholarships

All students accepted into the Entrada Scholars Program receive a grant valued at more than $4,200. This grant covers the costs of Entrada, including your tuition, room and board, books, supplies, and activities. Upon acceptance, scholars will be asked to send a fee of $500 to confirm their enrollment. Scholars who successfully complete Entrada and come to Calvin following high school receive a $4,000 Entrada Scholarship for up to 4 years. In addition, Entrada Scholars may qualify for the $4,000 Mosaic Scholarship as well as other merit-based scholarships.

Am I eligible for Entrada?

If you are a United States ethnic or racial minority student, currently enrolled in your junior or senior year in high school, and are serious about pursuing a college education, Entrada may be for you! To be eligible for Entrada, you should have a "B" average (3.0 on a 4-point scale). Seniors must be planning to enroll at Calvin to be eligible for Entrada.



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