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Physical Plant has had a busy winter/spring removing snow, repairing and maintaining equipment, installing energy efficient lighting and controls, keeping the campus buildings warm, planning for the major summer renovations, and working on several smaller remodeling projects. A few of the projects you may have seen across campus include: updating the restrooms near Johnny's Café, installing an energy efficient fireplace in the Library lobby, updating the restrooms near the library fireplace lobby, updating the coffee kitchens in Boer Bennink, remodeling the Student Life office in the Commons Annex, and the creation of the "sandbox" classroom in the Hekman Library.

Currently, the Physical Plant Department is working on a project located on the second floor of the Commons Annex. The "old" staff dining area is undergoing a facelift. This remodeling project will provide much needed conference room space as well as office space for Creative Dinning staff. It is a key part of the preparation for the 2.5 million dollar renovation of the Commons and Uppercrust dining areas. This major dining hall remodeling project will begin on May 23rd and last throughout the summer. With completion slated for late August, new and returning students will see new skylights, new ceiling treatments, LED lighting, new carpet, booth style seating, high-top tables, new tile flooring, state-of-the-art glass railings and window treatments, new furniture, and a specialty pizza oven surrounded by seating.

In addition to the dining hall remodel, the Physical Plant will be doing extensive maintenance/remodeling of the Schultze Eldersveld Residence Hall. Work will include painting every residence hall room, including the hallways and stairways, new carpet in the halls and stairs, remodeling and purchasing new furniture for the basement, and replacing the mattresses and drapes in each room. As part of this renovation, a complete fire suppression system will be added to the entire residence hall. Over the course of the next 6 years, the five remaining residence halls will also receive this safety upgrade.

Knollcrest East will see its share of work as well. The Gamma apartment complex (11 apartments) will undergo general maintenance, while the 8 mechanical rooms of Rho Tau will receive new equipment and safety upgrades.

Two of the Calvin owned homes will be repurposed/remodeled in anticipation of becoming student housing for the Fall of 2016. The Ravenswood home, near the Lake Drive entrance to campus, and the Joosse home near the Spoelhof Fieldhouse will each receive minor updates and new furniture. In addition to all of the above, the Physical Plant will also be replacing the lighting system in the chapel, repairing asphalt walkways and parking lots, doing extensive landscaping projects, and installing a new campus rain garden. The Building Services team will continue to provide excellent service to the thousands of campus guest expected this summer, including hosting Calvary Church through the fall during the renovation of their sanctuary.

Phil Beezhold - Physical Plant Director

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