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EH&S - Waste Management

Used Motor Oil

The Physical Plant is no longer able to recycle used motor oil from anyone other than its own staff, though we continue to encourage this for all faculty, staff, and students.

So you did the right thing and took care of your car by changing the oil. Now what should you do with the used motor oil? In the past, the transportation department at Calvin Physical Plant allowed you to add your used motor oil to our waste oil collection container. But this will no longer be allowed. From now on the only used oil that Transportation will accept is from the oil changes Physical Plant staff do for college owned vehicles.

This change was made after the 1/4" thick steel waste oil collection container in transportation sprung a leak. Our best guess as to what caused the holes to develop in the container is that some noxious substances (unrelated to automotive oil changing) were poured in and dissolved the steel. As a result, the college's budget has taken a big hit for the environmental clean up that had to be done. Fortunately, the release was localized and did not enter the surrounding sewer or water systems. The only way we can be 100% sure of the contents added to the transportation container in the future, is to limit access to it.

If you are a do-it-yourself oil changer you can still recycle your used motor oil. Recycling this oil is the only responsible thing to do. This link will take you to Earth 911 where you can enter your zip code to generate a list of local commercial locations and municipal sites that accept used motor oil for recycling.



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