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EH&S: Hazard Reporting

Use these forms to identify hazardous or potentially hazardous situations or practices:

Report of Hazardous Condition: Part 1- Initial Report (PDF)

Report of Hazardous Condition: Part 2- Follow-Up Report (PDF)

This report will serve as a tool for identifying, communicating and correcting hazardous or potentially hazardous situations or practices.

  • When does a Report of Hazardous Condition need to be completed?
    A situation or event will have occurred where injury or the potential for injury was present, or property loss or the potential for property loss was present.

  • Who fills out the Report of Hazardous Condition?
    It is important for supervisors, whether faculty or staff, to play a vital role in the safety of the employees for which they are responsible. Responsibility for ensuring that a report is filled out and appropriate actions are initiated resides at the supervisory level.

  • Why fill out a Report of Hazardous Condition?
    Occupational injury research shows that many accidents could have been avoided if prompt action had been taken to rectify previously known hazardous situations or practices. The report will aid supervisors, administration, EH&S and Physical Plant personnel in verifying that these situations and practices are identified and an immediate plan of action is established to set in motion the steps necessary to resolve the problem.

  • Who keeps the Report of Hazardous Condition on file?
    The original report should be sent to Environmental Health and Occupational Safety. The department or division will maintain a copy of the report.