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Campus Address Formats

Mailing Address

The mailing address is used by the Post Office and Mail Services to deliver mail to the intended recipient. Since all Calvin College mail comes through Mail Services, it can all be addressed to the "official" Calvin College mailing address.
Although there are several acceptable mailing address formats for Calvin College recipients, this is the one we prefer:

Recipient's Name
Department name (or Dorm/Apt. name & room#)
Calvin College 
3201 Burton St. SE
Grand Rapids MI 49546

Physical Address

The physical address, which is the building number and street address, is used by 911 emergency responders and GPS navigators to actually drive up to a specific building.
Each Calvin College building does have a physical address.

Hekman Library
1855 Knollcrest Circle SE 
Grand Rapids MI 49546-4402


Physical Addresses of Calvin College Buildings



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Why not address mail to the physical address?

The physical address does not provide enough information to locate a recipient. Mail recipients' mailboxes are usually located in their departmental offices. Mail Services sorts incoming mail by department and delivers it on routes which most efficiently reach them. When a department moves to a different building (yes, it hapens), Mail Services adjusts its delivery routes to accommodate the change.

Using a physical address does not impede campus mail delivery, it just is not necessary.