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Instructional Graphics Job Request Form

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Submitting text files and digital images

Place text files and digital images in a folder. Then do one of the following...

Drag the folder onto the Calvin College server U: (Glacier.common)
in the subdirectory InstructionalGraphics/To InstructionalGraphics

If you don't have access to this server follow this link to our Instructional Graphics folder google drive

  • drag your folder to the web page
  • If the page doesn't automatically receive your files, click "open in drive" (You may have to log in to google drive)

Enter the name of your file folder here:


Indicate where you placed the files:

U: (Glacier.common) GOOGLE drive link


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Opening a job

  1. Fill out Job Request Form.

  2. Call or email Vicky at 526-6075 to discuss job details. Send email to

  3. Allow 3 weeks for completion. It may take two weeks to begin production. Call us if you need the project sooner.

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