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Orientation: getting started

All new employees will have two meetings with human resources - a benefits meeting and a new hire meeting. If you need to review the things to do after these initial meetings, visit the new hire checklist. Also, take a look at the many uses of your Calvin ID card. To further orient you to Calvin, the human resources office facilitates a session of New Staff Orientation (NSO) in the fall and in the spring. In addition, you will have the opportunity to pair up with a mentor through the Guide staff mentoring program. Together, we'll take the right steps to insure your smooth transition into the Calvin workplace. If there is more we can do to make your transition go smoothly, please contact human resources.

Benefits meeting

In your first week at Calvin, you will meet with a benefits staff member. In this meeting you will review the benefits for which you are eligible and learn how to enroll. We will contact you to set up this meeting but feel free to call the human resources office with any questions.

New hire meeting

You will also meet with an orientation staff member. In this meeting you will receive a brief introduction to Calvin and learn about available resources. This session is designed to provide you with some of the information necessary for a successful transition to Calvin.   

ID cardTop

Your Calvin ID has a myriad of uses around campus including:

New staff orientation

New Staff Orientation (NSO) is an orientation session for new staff. It is designed to introduce or reacquaint staff members with the institutional identity and mission of the college. The sessions are also designed to give new employees ample opportunities to connect, learn and grow here at Calvin. Presenters from across the campus will spend time with new staff talking about various offices, policies and procedures for getting things done at Calvin. Visit the most current NSO schedule. For more information about NSO, contact human resources.

Guide staff mentoring

The Guide staff mentoring program works to assist new staff to navigate Calvin. The ABCs of the Guide program are:

  • Acclimate - helps mentee learn the culture of Calvin and/or West Michigan
  • Brainstorm - provides an outlet for the mentee to share ideas and express concerns
  • Connect - helps mentee discover tools and resources for performing job well

Human resources pairs interested individuals up and facilitates the Guide experience. If you have additional questions about Guide, please contact human resources.