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Benefits: Insurance

Insurance benefits

Health insurance

Calvin College believes the health of our employees and their families is important.Selecting health care providers with a comprehensive network is critical to finding good medical care and we provide excellent coverage through our plan. As a member of Blue Care Network (BCN) Healthy Blue Living plan, we are committed to helping our employees achieve their wellness goals. BCN administers ourself-insured HMO medical plan as well as the addition of the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA). You may elect one of the two medical plans from BCN in order to help you stay healthy through preventative care and help meet the cost of medical care when you are sick or injured.

Employees who are at least 0.50 FTE, their legal spouse, and dependent children under the age of 26 are eligible to enroll in medical insurance through Calvin. An eligible child may participate in the medical benefits until the end of the calendar year during which the dependent turns 26.  Spouses of Calvin employees who have access to medical insurance coverage through their own employment, but who choose to decline that coverage and be covered under Calvin’s group plan, will be subject to a premium surcharge of $100 per month. If the surcharge is applicable, it will be deducted from the employee’s compensation per payroll on a pre-tax basis.

Employees should visit the Benefits and Insurance page on Portal to view the costs and Summary of Benefits for each plan offered.

Dental insurance

We love to see you smile! Delta Dental of Michigan administers our PPO dental plan to eligible employees. For more information on the plan, view the Benefits and Insurance page on Portal.

Voluntary Vision insurance

Because life is beautiful and there’s so much to see, keep your eyesight sharp and the costs down by enrolling in the voluntary vision insurance provided through EyeMed. This is a voluntary benefit where the employee pays the full cost of the insurance, post-tax, through payroll deduction.

Employees should visit the Benefits and Insurance page on Portal to view the costs and Summary of Benefits.

Employer-provided group life insurance

Through Lincoln Financial Group, the college provides group Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance coverage for employees for two times your annual salary, up to $100,000 at no cost to the employees.  Each staff member is required to name a beneficiary for this policy. The group plan also provides a $2000 benefit paid in the event of the death of a spouse and a $2000 benefit paid in the event of the death of a dependent child for employees greater than 0.50 FTE.  If a staff member ends employment at Calvin, he or she may elect to convert the group life insurance policy to an individual policy.

For more information on eligibility or on this insurance, visit the staff handbook or view the Benefits and Insurance page on Portal.

Voluntary life insurance

The college provides a life insurance policy but you may want more. Additional life insurance coverage is available for purchase through Lincoln Financial Group. For more information, view the Benefits and Insurance page on Portal or contact human resources.

Flexible spending Top

Need a way to save while you spend? A flexible spending account is a great way to save money. Through payroll deductions, employees can allocate money to a flexible spending account. This money is deducted pretax, lowering overall tax liability and can be used to pay for dependent/childcare expenses, unreimbursed medical expenses and over-the-counter medicine. Debit cards are available to pay for these expenses or reimbursement forms may be completed. To request up to two additional debit cards, log in to the Participant Portal. Under the Profile tab, click on Debit Cards; under Actions, click "Order Replacement". For more information visit BASIC Flex Administration.

Workers compensation

Please be careful, but if you are injured at work, we have coverage for that too. Necessary forms and information on seeking medical attention are available on the environmental health and safety website. 

Long-term disability insurance

Few people think about not being able to work due to medical conditions, but we do. Through Lincoln Financial Group the college provides eligible staff with a long-term disability insurance policy. With an approved disability claim, this policy pays 60% of pre-disability earnings. See the long-term disability plan document for more information.

Voluntary long-term care

Long-term care for home health, assisted living and nursing homes can be costly. Through Legacy Services, Calvin employees are eligible to purchase at discount long-term care insurance individually or for family members. This insurance helps to protect you, your assets, your family and your lifestyle from the potentially high costs of long-term care. Contact Legacy Services for information, rates and assistance.