Calvin College CIRP Freshman Survey Title

2006 CIRP Survey

A total of 863 first-time Calvin students completed the CIRP Freshman Survey in 2006, out of a total entering class of 1,027, an 84% response rate.

There are three ways you can explore the 2006 CIRP data:

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Family Background

College Decision-Making

Student Activities

Goals and Expectations

Student Self-Ratings

Social/Political Views

Gender Differences

A Note on Comparisons

Calvin's results are compared with a group called Other Religious Four-Year Colleges, as distinguished from Catholic, Non-Sectarian, and Public Four-Year Colleges. Many in this Other Religious category are Protestant institutions with historical denominational ties, such as Alma, Carthage, Elmhurst, Valparaiso, and Wittenburg. In addition, CCCU schools with denominational affiliations are also included--schools such as Abilene Christian, Bethel (IN), Messiah, Point Loma Nazarene, and Seattle Pacific.