Calvin College Center for Social Research

Welcome to Calvin's Center for Social Research!

The Center for Social Research (CSR) conducts social-scientific research on behalf of Calvin faculty, the Christian Reformed Church, and a wide array of local, national, and international organizations. The CSR is closely tied to and governed by representatives of Calvin's academic social science departments, but also works with scholars from every discipline who need to collect and analyze social data. The Center conducts several large research projects and several dozen smaller projects annually. Many major publications and projects can be found on the CSR website. Other projects are confidential studies conducted under contract to clients. The CSR employs and trains students and recent Calvin graduates to apply social science methods and up-to-date information technology to research projects, from conception to final publication or presentation. The CSR's skill set includes research design, data modeling and database design, surveys (online, by mail, and in-person), qualitative research (including interviewing, focus groups, audio and video transcription, and textual analysis), geographic information systems, data visualization, and publication design.

We exist to assist the Calvin community in studying the world of human interactions. We organize grant-funded scholarly research projects, and we believe such work is best done alongside of applied, community-based scholarly projects. To learn about our current projects and other news, please visit our weblog. For more information on working with CSR, please see our Projects FAQ.

At every step, we try to engage students in our work. We hope this website will be a helpful guide to the services, programs and ideas we offer, and we hope you will contact us when you believe we could be of service.