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Events: Polish Cinema

All films are shown with English subtitles.

Friday, October 16, 2009

6:00 pm
Speaker Dr. Maria Szarska O’Connor will address the historical background of the film Katyn.

6:15 pm KATYN (Katyń) ( 2007) Dir. Andrzej Wajda, (117 min)
Acclaimed Polish director and winner of a lifetime achievement Academy Award, Andrzej Wajda has created an epic and personal tale about one of WWII's notorious cover-ups. In the village of Katyn in May 1940, the Soviet army brutally murdered 15,000 Polish POWs, to crush Polish hopes for future independence. For 50 years afterward, the USSR denied responsibility, blaming the Nazis. Wajda, whose father was one of those killed, focuses less on the crimes of war than on the people left in its wake. Their interwoven stories draw us into a world where the struggle for memory and truth takes place amid a chilling conspiracy of silence.

8:15 pm Dessert Reception

9:00 pm Just Beyond This Forest (Jeszcze tylko ten las ) (1991) dir. Jan Lomnicki (86 min)
It is a story of an old woman and a young Jewish girl's flight from Warsaw ghetto to the countryside in 1942. The old woman worked for the girl’s parents before the war and now, the family pays the old woman to take her daughter out of the ghetto. As they journey to the country, the old woman does develop interest in protecting the girl that is beyond self-interest.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

5:00 pm Warszawa (2003) dir Dariusz Gajewski (104 min) the course of 24 hours, five people with similar trajectories search their way through snowy Warsaw. The protagonists pass each other in the streets without noticing, until the evening, when they are all brought together through a traffic accident. In a film that exposes the city nobody likes but that attracts everyone, director Gajewski finds a series of moments that reveal the true identity of people and place.

6:30 pm Just Beyond This Forest (Jeszcze tylko ten las) 1991, dir. Jan Lomnicki (86 min)

8:00 pm Katyn (Katyń) 2007, dir Wajda (117 min)
Friday screening will include a dessert reception. There is a $10 charge for the reception.
Program may change without notice.