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Web Template Guide: Sidebars

Use a sidebar to draw attention to your content

Using a sidebar on your Web page can be an effective way to draw your visitor's attention to information related to your page.

Get the sidebar on your page

Go to Modify>>Template Properties. Highlight the "bodyID" line in the dialogue box that appears. In the text box, enter the word defaultLayout (exactly as shown here). Click OK. A sidebar should appear.

Style your sidebar correctly

Use the Heading 3 format to add a title to your sidebar. You may add more than one title to your sidebar if you have multiple items to highlight.

Use the paragraph format for the body text in your sidebar.

Re-size your images to fit in the sidebar

If you insert an image into your sidebar, re-size the image in a photo editing program (Fireworks or Photoshop) to be 200 pixels wide. The image can be smaller, but will likely be difficult to see, or text may wrap around the image in an unseemly way.


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Sidebar content

Use sidebars on your pages to:

1. Convey important steps for your visitor to take action, for example "Apply" or "Visit." Example.

2. Feature information related to the main content on your page, such as facts or resources. Example.

3. Link to other relevant information so that your visitors can dig deeper into your subject matter. Example.

4. Invite visitors to the home page of a site or site section to read further in the site or section. Example.