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Creating a New Folder

Name and save your new folder

Creating a new folder in Dreamweaver isn’t just like creating a folder elsewhere. Each folder you create in your site will become part of a URL potentially visible to any visitor to your site.

A folder called "about" in the biology department Web site folder becomes: "

The places you create folders and the names you give folders have implications for the navigation on your site. Bearing these things in mind, folders should be created with the entire site structure and usability in mind.

Decide where to put your folder

The top-tier folders in your Web site folder should correspond with the sections you have in your navigation bar.

If you add a "News and Events” item to your navbar (see section 9 on creating navbars), create a top-tier folder and name it something like “news.”

You will place all page files, images and other related material in this folder.

Create the folder

Right click on the folder in which you’d like to create a new folder. Select “New Folder.” If you are creating a folder to correspond to a new section in your site, right click on the folder at the very top of your file list and select “New Folder.”

Name the folder

In the “untitled” folder that appears, select a name for your folder that makes sense given your site navigation. If it is the folder for a News and Events section in your Web site, a name like “news” or “news-and-events” would make sense.

When naming your folder, use all lowercase letters and use a dash in between words. Do not use an underscore or a space to separate words.

Keep your folder names short and sweet to decrease the length of your URL. For example, is easier to find or remember than Only shorten words in the folder name if the words will still make sense to a visitor.

Create an images folder in section folders

If you create a folder for a new section in your Web site, consider creating an "images" folder within this section folder. Place all images located on pages within this section in this folder. This helps avoid confusion later on when you are looking for your pictures, and keeps your Web site organized.


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Quick Tips

• Create a folder for each section of your Web site, even if the section only contains one page.

• Create an "images" folder within each section folder of your Web site to keep your pictures organized.

• When naming your Web folders, use all lowercase letters and use a hyphen to indicate a space between words.

• Good folder names are as short as they can while still being understandable. Use whole words if there will be any confusion. For example, use the word "academics" for a folder about majors and minors instead of shortening the folder to something like "acdmcs."

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