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Faculty Senate

Senate Schedule, 2017-18

  • September 5 and 19
  • October 3, 17, and 31
  • November 14 and 28
  • December 5 and 19
  • February 13 and 27
  • March 13 and 27
  • April 10 and 24
  • May 8

Senate Roster, 2017-2018

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/18
Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/19
Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/20

Ex officio Members

Michael Le Roy, President
Cheryl Brandsen, Provost
Arlene Hoogewerf, Academic Dean
Elizabeth Vander Lei, Academic Dean


Chair: Michael Le Roy
Vice Chair: Jolene Vos-Camy
Secretary: Kathi Groenendyk
Parliamentarian: Michael Bolt

Note: Staggered, three-year election terms are assigned to departments/divisions and not to individual senators, who might serve during only part of a three-year term.

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/18

Department Representatives This Year

Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk (Art and Art History)
David Dornbos (Biology)
Peter Snyder (Business)
Pat Bailey (Computer Science)
Adel Abadeer (Economics)
Otto Selles / Vicki De Vries (French, fall/spring)
Michael Bolt (Mathematics and Statistics)
Tim Steele (Music)
Ken Pomykala (Religion)
Alisa Tigchelaar / Scott Lamanna (Spanish, fall/spring)

Division Representatives

Brian Cawley / Debra Snyder (SSCD, fall/spring)

Administrators with Faculty Status

Neil Carlson

At-Large Faculty

Dan Harlow / David Hoekema (fall/spring)
Corey Roberts

Student Senate Representatives

Hallie Litt
Matthew Seafield
Kieran Valk

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/19

Department Representatives This Year

Kathi Groenendyk (CAS)
Mark Muyskens (Chemistry)
David Noe (Classics)
John Walcott (Education)
Lew Klatt (English)
Mark Bjelland / Jamie Skillen (GGES, fall/spring)
Eric Washington (History)
Mikael Pelz (Political Science)

Division Representatives

Mark Williams (ALE)
Frans van Liere (SSCD)
Laura DeHaan (NSM)

Administrators with Faculty Status

Christina Edmondson

At-Large Faculty

Debra Freeberg
Cynthia Slagter

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/20

Department Representatives This Year

Todd Cioffi (Congregational and Ministry Studies)
Matt Heun (Engineering)
Kaori Schau (Germanic and Asian Languages)
Brian Bolt (Kinesiology)
Jaclynn Lubbers (Nursing)
Kevin Corcoran / Matt Halteman (Philosophy, fall/spring)
Stan Haan (Physics and Astronomy)
Claudia Beversluis (Psychology)
Joe Kuilema / Todd Vanden Berg (Sociology and Social Work, fall/spring)
Brian Kreisman (SPAUD)

Division Representatives

Jo Kuyvenhoven (ALE)
Carolyn Anderson (NSM)

At-Large Faculty

David Koetje
Anding Shen

Vice Chair

Jolene Vos-Camy


Senate agenda and minutes are not posted online. They are available on the college's secure network drives at

Read the faculty handbook


SSCD = Social Sciences and Contextual Disciplines

ALE = Arts, Languages, and Education

NSM = Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Note: Term lengths are associated with departments and divisions, not with individual senators.