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Faculty Senate

Senate Roster, 2013–2014

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/14
Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/15
Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/16

Ex officio Members

Michael Le Roy, President
Claudia Beversluis, Provost
Cheryl Brandsen, Academic Dean
Stan Haan, Academic Dean
Mark Williams, Academic Dean


Chair: Michael Le Roy
Vice Chair: Jennifer Holberg
Secretary: Steve McMullen
Parliamentarian: Vicki De Vries

Note: To ensure that one-third of senators are reelected every year, departments and divisions are assigned to staggered three-year cycles. Although senators' terms will normally coincide with the three-year cycles, some senators may serve for only one or two years before being replaced.

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/14

Department Representatives

Vicki DeVries (French; Germanic and Asian Languages)
Mark Mulder (Sociology and Social Work)
Ned Nielsen (Engineering)
John Ross (Kinesiology)
Carol Rossman (Nursing)
James K. A. Smith (Philosophy)
Steve Steenwyk (Physics and Astronomy)
Scott Stehouwer (Psychology)

Division Representatives

Lew Klatt (ALE)
Amy Wilstermann (NSM)

At-Large Faculty

Hessel (Bud) Bouma
Judy Vander Woude

Vice Chair

Jennifer Holberg

Student Senators

David Kuenzi
Connor Schmidt
Alicia Smit

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/15

Department Representatives

David Cook (Business)
Curt Blankespoor (Biology)
David Fuentes (Music)
Craig Hanson (Art and Art History)
Steve McMullen (Economics)
Ken Pomykala (Religion)
Harry Plantinga (Computer Science; fall)
Alisa Tigchelaar (Spanish; fall)
Jim Turner (Mathematics and Statistics)
Keith VanderLinden (Computer Science; spring)
Marilyn Bierling (Spanish; spring)

Division Representatives

Joel Carpenter (SSCD)

Non-teaching Faculty

Jack Du Mez

At-Large Faculty

Dan Miller
Jane Zwart

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/16

Department Representatives

Roy Anker (English)
Ken Bergwerff (GEO)
Al Boerema (Education)
David Noe (Classics)
Mikael Pelz (Political Science)
Bill Romanowski (CAS; fall)
Quentin Schultze (CAS; spring)
Kumar Sinniah (Chemistry)
Kate van Liere (History)

Division Representatives

Anna Greidanus (ALE)
Lissa Schwander (SSCD)
Gerry van Kooten (NSM)

Non-teaching Faculty

Rick Baez

At-Large Faculty

Scott Vander Linde
Dianne Zandstra


Senate agenda and minutes are not posted online. They are available on the college's secure network drives at

Read the faculty handbook


SSCD = Social Sciences and Contextual Disciplines

ALE = Arts, Languages, and Education

NSM = Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Note: Term lengths are associated with departments and divisions, not with individual senators.