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Off-Campus Programs Committee - Travel Safety Subcommittee

Subcommittee Members:

Director of Off-Campus Programs
Off-Campus Programs Committee member
Dean of Multicultural Affairs
Risk Management Officer


The Travel Safety Subcommittee of the Off-Campus Programs Committee will, on behalf of the college, review safety information related to specific destinations, when requested.  Its review will take into account the advice of: the US Department of State; its counterparts such as the British, Canadian, French and Australian governments*; the commercial security service to which Calvin subscribes; in-country sources such as CRWRC and CRWM personnel, etc.  Based on its review, the subcommittee will determine the advisability of Calvin-related travel to the proposed destination, including any special precautions to be taken if permission is granted.  The rationale for the subcommittee’s decision will be communicated to the interested parties such as course instructor(s), students, and their parents, as necessary. 

Travel Protocol:

Prior to departure, the students and their parents will be required to sign a special waiver indicating their awareness of the risks specified in the warning and absolving the College of liability with respect to the travel in question.