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Interim Term Committee (ITC)


Policy regarding visitors to off-campus Interim courses

Non-Student Visitors:
Non-students may enroll as visitors in off-campus Interim courses provided that they participate in the course’s activities (lectures, site visits, etc.) and do not distract from the educational purpose of the course. Visitors are charged the course fee and an additional visitor fee, as determined by the Interim Committee.

The following special categories will be charged the course fee, but exempted from the visitor’s fee:
• Calvin emeriti and spouses
• Members of the instructor’s immediate family except as specified below

The following will be charged only incremental costs:
• The instructor’s spouse and/or minor children
• Childcare providers
• Caretakers for disabled students
Compensation for services rendered by childcare providers and caretakers for disabled students are to be arranged by those receiving the services.

Student Visitors:
Students from other colleges are charged a visiting student fee of $50. (Tuition is waived, provided their institution and Calvin have an Interim Exchange Agreement.)




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