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Visiting Instructor Policy:

Interim instructors who are not regular faculty members

1. Requests for courses taught by persons who are not regular faculty members must come to the Interim Term Committee via an academic department or departments. Biographical information must be provided in unconventional cases.

2. The academic credentials for such a person would ordinarily be at least a Masters degree.

3. When the visiting instructor is out-of-town, the academic department is responsible for arranging travel and accommodations, in consultation with the Dean for Instruction. The Provost will determine salary and send an appointment letter.

4. The appropriateness of the religious orientation of the person should be determined by the department(s) proposing the course and the appropriate administrator. Ordinarily, an adherence to Reformed principles is expected. The Chairperson must schedule an interview with the Academic Dean for new instructors and provide for the Dean a file containing the candidate's undergraduate and graduate transcripts, updated resume, a completed faculty application, and the chairperson's recommendation.

5. If the criteria for academic credentials and/or religious orientation mentioned in guidelines 2 and 4 above are not met, but it is still desirable to utilize the person in the Interim, it is expected that the proposed course be team-taught with a regular Calvin faculty member.

6. The person's direct supervisor shall be the chairperson(s) of the department(s) proposing the course.

7. This policy also holds for those within the Calvin community who may occasionally teach an Interim course, but who do not have regular faculty status, e.g., admissions counselors, Broene Center counselors, etc.

8. In addition to the above, all normal guidelines apply.


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