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To: Department Chairpersons & Assistants

From: Debra Freeberg, Interim Term Committee Chairperson

Date: December 19, 2014

Re: Planning for Interim 2016

On behalf of the Interim Term Committee (ITC), we would like to ask you to begin thinking about Interim 2016. Please read this memo carefully and remind your department members of the need for some advance planning. As always, we appreciate your willingness to help your department and our committee with this important project.

Initial Planning
As Erin Bushouse (Provost’s office) notified you today, the deadline to submit your department’s Fall-2015, Interim-2016, and Spring-2016 class schedules is February 2, 2015.   Soon after this date, the ITC will request a tentative list of your department’s Interim-2016 assignments from the deans, so that we can preliminarily review the number of anticipated proposals.  This will also help us assess whether or not we have an adequate number and distribution of DCM, on-campus, and off-campus courses.

Interim Course Proposals - Due February 16, 2015
The ITC asks that your department members submit all 2016 Interim course proposals (electronically) by Monday, February 16.  We ask that each proposal be presented to the ITC only after it has been approved by your department's curriculum committee.  The ITC will not consider proposals received without departmental endorsement. Proposal forms for DCM, on-campus, and off-campus Interim courses are NOW available online and will be considered according to this timeline and these guidelines.  Furthermore, please know that the ITC will pay special attention to the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) required for each course proposal.

Historical Purpose
As outlined in Calvin's 1970 curriculum study committee report, entitled Christian Liberal Arts Education (CLAE), "the objective of the Interim is to provide time and opportunity in the curriculum and calendar for the student and staff to study topics which ordinarily would not be pursued in the regular semester, or to attempt a new approach to a certain topic" (CLAE, p. 96). The ITC encourages faculty to consider this traditional guiding principal when developing an Interim course proposal. If you are interested, an entire chapter of CLAE is dedicated to interim, entitled "The Interim Term".

Developing a Christian Mind (DCM)
Each academic department is expected to submit one to three sections of DCM in proportion to their number of full-time faculty. To maintain manageable course enrollments, we hope to offer approximately 35-40 sections of DCM in January, 2016.  The deans will be paying special attention to the DCM courses that you plan to offer, and will not approve your planning documents until they are satisfied that your department is offering a reasonable number.  Please remember that this is an ideal opportunity to introduce some of the important issues in your discipline to first-year students.  More information and guidelines for developing a DCM course are also available.

Cross-Cultural Engagement
In order to provide enough CCE opportunities for our students, the Interim, Core, and CCE committees would like to promote the development of local CCE options. See the CCE Proposal guidelines.


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