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Interim Term Committee (ITC)

Application deadline: February 20, 2014

To submit an Interim course proposal, please complete this form. Upon submission, your proposal will be automatically forwarded (via email) to your department chair for departmental approval and to the Interim Term Committee for consideration. Final decisions will be made in late March and early April.
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SAVING this application: Please note that this form ONLY automatically saves your input to the browser and computer you are currently working on (except for the Type of Proposal and CCE checkboxes at the top. You will have to select those again each time you return to the application). Once you submit the application you will NOT be able to edit your submission but once you submit, you and your chair should receive an automatic copy of the submitted proposal. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Wigboldy.

Type of Proposal (please check only one) Off-campus Interim      On-campus interim      DCM

Check this box if you intend to apply for a Cross Cultural Enagement (CCE) course designation
Faculty Name (main contact)
Type first letters of your last name, or scroll down list.
If your name is not on the list, please contact Julie Wigboldy, Academic Services,
Please add additional Calvin faculty information if you will be team teaching:
     Faculty Name (2nd contact)      Dept.
     Faculty Email (2nd contact) 
Name of any Additional Instructors and their faculty designation
Approval requested for what Academic Funding Year
Course title (30 character limit)
Department in which the course should be listed.
Full Printed Catalog Description: (Maximum of 300 words)
  • Write in third person, present tense.
  • Include course content, program requirements, and prerequisites or other conditions required for admission to course, including if it will have a CCE integral or optional component.
Was this course, or a similar course, offered previously? If so, please indicate the previous years, instructor(s), and enrollments.
If this course was offered previously, explain your departments' rationale for the repeat.

Has this proposal been reviewed by your department's curriculum committee and approved by your department chair?
          (A copy of this proposal will be forwarded to your Dept. Chair upon submission of this application.)
Chair Name (required)
Complete Chair Email Address (required)

          (If you are team-teaching with another Calvin faculty, you must include their Chair Inforrmation
          here, if different than yours.)

          2nd Chair Name
          2nd Complete Chair Email Address

Number of semester hours requested
If more than 3, please explain.
Student Learning Outcomes & Methods of Evaluation:  List the Student Learning Outcomes for this course as they will appear on the course syllabus. Please use language such as "students in this course will demonstrate..." or "the successful student will have completed....” and describe the evaluation tools used to assess these outcomes .
Student Learning Outcomes
Methods of Evaluation
Audience & Rationale:  Please indicate the student population this course is intended to serve and provide a brief rationale for its approval as part of Interim term academic offerings.
Does this course meet any Calvin program, major, or minor requirements? If so, which?
Does this course have any prerequisites? If so, please list and explain why prerequisites are necessary.
Number of students expected:  (The number you regard as optimal.)
Suggested enrollment minimum and maximum:
An instructor should plan on at least 9 students–an enrollment goal of at least 15 is ideal. If team-teaching with another instructor, more students are expected.
Maximum enrollment will depend on course availability, and be determined by the registrar in the fall (before registration) in consultation with the department chair and deans.     
Min.     Max.
Would you like to be informed of other colleagues who are proposing related topics?
Additional Comments for the Interim Term Committee: From proposal author/instructor or department chair
By checking this box, I certify that the information given in this application is true and complete without evasion or misrepresentation. I understand that willful omission, falsification, or incomplete statements within this application may jeopardize my approval for CCE course credit.

You should receive an automatic email copy of your application after you submit. If you do not, please email the Registrar's Office. If you need to correct errors or update your application before the deadline, you may resubmit the application and your earlier version will be deleted.