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Course Proposal Information:

The Interim Term Committee (ITC) is now accepting course proposals for Interim 2018. As described below, ITC requests that each academic department submits (via the department chairperson) all proposals to the committee on or before Friday, February 17, 2017. Questions about the course proposal process should be directed to Mattie Koppendrayer, Academic Services, Larry Molnar, ITC Chairperson, or sent to

Timeline & General Information

Interim Proposal Process Timeline

Interim Planning Memo to Department Chairpersons - December 2014

General Guidelines for Interim Term Courses

General Criteria for Proposal Evaluation and Decision Making

Interim Term Commitee Department Liaison Assignments

Interim Course Numbering Policy

Visiting Instructor Policy

Forms & Guidelines

On-Campus Courses:

Interim 2018 - On Campus Course Proposal Form

Off-Campus Courses:

Interim 2018 - Off-Campus Abstract Proposal Form- Due November 16, 2016

Interim 2018 - Off-Campus Course Proposal Form

Interim 2018 - Off-Campus Course Budget Form

Guidelines for Developing an Off-campus Course

Guidelines for Spouse Travel

Vistiting Student/Non-Student Policy - Off Campus Interim Courses

Resources for Off-campus Interim Instructors

Developing a Christian Mind (DCM):

Interim 2018 - DCM Course Proposal Form

DCM Proposal Guidelines

DCM Quotas for Interim 2016 - By Department

Strategic Off-Campus Interim courses

Memo regarding Strategic Off-Campus Interim Courses - December 2013


General Interim Information

Interim Course Descriptions (2005-2015)

Interim Term Committee Department Liaison Assignments