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Interim Term Committee (ITC)


The Interim Term Committee shall be responsible for recommending interim term guidelines, including budget guidelines, to the faculty. It shall be responsible for the review, approval, and coordination of all courses and programs which are proposed for the interim term courses. It shall also establish the administrative procedures by which these courses and programs are submitted to the faculty for its consideration.

In implementing this mandate, the committee shall:

  1. Recommend guidelines concerning the type of courses and procedures which are appropriate to fulfill the general mandate of the interim program.
  2. Solicit interim courses through the departments so as to provide the appropriate participation of faculty members, a balance of types of courses, including needed sections of core courses, and a distribution of courses at the various levels.
  3. Consider each course proposed and recommend to the faculty for approval those which meet the standards and guidelines, including DCM sections as recommended by the DCM coordinator. If the balance of proposed courses is inadequate to meet all-college curricular needs, the committee may withhold approval of some or all proposals until the needed balance has been achieved.
  4. Recommend to the Educational Policy Committee changes in the interim program or its relationship to the college curriculum.

Reporting Relationship:

The Interim Term Committee will report to the Faculty Senate.


Nine members: one designated representative from the Academic Administration Division, secretary; five faculty members, one of whom shall be chairperson; one student, one representative from the Registrar’s office, and the Director of Off-Campus Programs as an ex-officio member for matters that involve off campus interims only.

Revised: June 1998
Revised: November 2001
Revised: May 2003
Revised: March 2006
Approved by Faculty Senate: April 2006


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