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CCCS Working Groups


Climate Change: Complexity, Uncertainty and the Precautionary Principle
Del Ratzsch (Philosophy),

Developing a deeper understanding of the impact of the economic recession on Reformed faith and practice
Michael Van Denend (Alumni),
and John Tiemstra (Economics),

Late Medieval Mysticism as the Inner Reformation of the Body and Soul
Henry Luttikhuizen (Art and Art History),

Faith Formation and Expression
Cheryl Brandsen (Dean for Social Sciences and Contextual Disciplines),
and Laura DeHaan (Psychology),


Language, Prejudice, and Christian Witness: Towards a Reformed Response to English-Only Policies, Immigration, and Dialect-and Language-Based Prejudice
Nathan Bierma (CICW) and Karen Miller (Spanish).

Global Health Inequalities, Human Rights, & Justice
Cheryl Feenstra (Nursing) and Renae Boss Potts (Nursing).

Divine Action in a Random World
Stephen Matheson (Biology) and Randall Pruim (Mathematics and Statistics).

Christianity in Africa
Mwenda Ntatrangwi (Sociology and Social Work).


Cosmopolitanism in a World of Clashing Faiths
Ruth Groenhout (Philosophy). Co-convener: Darren Walhof (Political Science, Grand Valley State University).

Cultural Intelligence and Christian Hospitality
Jeff Bouman (Service Learning Center) and Mary Buteyn (German).

Developing a Christian Understanding of Institutional and Cultural Leadership
Co-funded by the Calvin College Alumni Association
Shirley Roels (Van Lunen Center / Economics & Business), and Co-convener, Bradley C. Miller, JPMorgan Chase.

In addition, the Working Group on "Energy: Supply, Alternatives, and Socio-Politico-Economic Implications," originally convened by Kenneth Piers (Chemistry), is being cotinued next year as Sustainability Education Across the Liberal Arts Curriculum, led by Clarence Joldersma (Education).


“Figuring a Christian Discourse of Disability,” Christopher Smit (CAS) and Peggy Goetz (CAS).

“The Relationship between Justice and Love,” Jeff Bouman (Director, Service Learning Center) and Cheryl Brandsen (Sociology & Social Work).


“Developing Methods and Language for Understanding Music as a Community.” David Fuentes (Music).

“Exploring the Terrain of World Christianity.” Daniel Bays (History) and Paul Freston (Sociology & Byker Chair).

“Making Reformed Disciples Today: Exploring the Interface between the Reformed Tradition and the Culture of Young People.” Dale Cooper (Chaplain).


"Development: Why Some Nations Succeed and Others Fail." Janel Curry (Geology & Geography) and Roland Hoksbergen (Economics & Business).

"Energy: Supply, Alternatives, and Socio-Politico-Economic Implications." Kenneth Piers (Chemistry).

"Issues of Faith, Interpretations and Classroom Reading Practices." David Smith (Germanic & Asian Languages) and Jennifer Holberg (English).

"Physical Science, Phenomenology, and Philosophical Hermeneutics." Matt Walhout (Physics and Astronomy).