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Small Grants

2013-2014 Awards

The Governing Board for the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship announces the following Small Grant Awards for 2013-2014. Please join the CCCS Board in congratulating your colleagues.

Christiana de Groot (Religion), "Editing the Bible and Women: an Encyclopedia of Exegesis and Cultural History"

Mark Fackler (Communications Arts and Sciences), "Global Media Ethics."

Jennifer Hoag (Art), Sabbatical photography project.

Richard Plantinga (Religion), Thomas Thompson (Religion), and Matthew Lundberg (Religion), an Arabic translation of An Introduction to Christian Theology.

Jennifer Williams (English), "Mina Loy as Flaneur: The Female Gaze in the City."

2012-2013 Awards

Chris Smit and Lisa Van Arragon

Chris Smit (CAS) and Lisa Van Arragon (Art History), with Harry Plantinga (Computer Science), Bill Romanowski (CAS), Elizabeth Vander Lei (English), Keith Vander Linden (Computer Science), Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk (Art), and Jennifer Hardy Williams (English): Initial Grant to fund development of white paper and curricular proposal on digital technologies and media, within the larger framework of scholarship on the digital humanities.

Charsie Sawyer and Candice Johnson

Charsie Sawyer (Music) and Candace Johnson (Music, University of California, Berkeley): Intermediate Grant to fund development and recording of a Gospel Vocal Warm-up/Vocalizes CD, to assist Gospel music singers and directors to develop and maintain vocal, emotional, and spiritual health.

Susan Felch, Beth Quitslund, and Nicholas Temperley

Susan Felch (English), Beth Quitslund (English, Ohio University), and Nicholas Temperley (Music, University of Illinois): Concluding Grant to fund recording of 22 choral Psalms from the sixteenth-century The Whole Booke of Psalmes (also known as the “Sternhold and Hopkins Psalter”), to accompany a critical edition of this Reformation songbook, to be published by the Renaissance English Text Society (2013).

Won Lee

Won Lee (Religion): Concluding Grant to fund production costs for the Chinese-language edition of The Bible: A Library of Holy Writings, to be published by The Calvin College Press (2012).

Lisa Van Arragon

Lisa Van Arragon (Art History): Concluding Grant to fund a publishing subvention for a photographic, documentary survey of Harlem, assembled in the late 1930s but never published, to be printed by Intellect Books and distributed by the University of Chicago Press (2013).