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Small Grants


Please congratulate your Calvin College colleagues who have been awarded small grants from the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship to support the following projects:

Alumni Association and Penny Dykstra-Pruim (Provost’s Office): “I Was a Stranger: Intercultural Perspectives on Immigration and Refugees.”

Joel Carpenter (Nagel Institute) and Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk (Art): “Matter & Spirit: Contemporary Chinese Art and Society.”

Won Lee (Religion): “Seek the Lord!: The function of the exhortation in the structure of the book of Amos.”

David Noe (Classics): “LatinPerDiem” and a translation of John Calvin’s Duae Epistolae.

Sam Smartt (Communication Arts and Sciences) and Matt Walhout (Dean for Research and Scholarship): “Luminous.”

David Urban (English): “Milton and the Parables of Jesus.”

Frans van Liere (History): “Andrew of Saint Victor on Isaiah.”

Stacey Wieland (Communication Arts and Sciences): “Facilitating Virtuous Conversations about Divisive Issues within the Church.”


Rachael Baker (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Serita Nelesen (Computer Science), and Amy Wilstermann (Biology): Building a Community of Scientists, the development of a new collaborative project at Calvin College.

David Dornbos (Biology) and Jay Hollman, M.D. (Louisiana State University Health Science Center): A book on Meat Consumption: Health, Environment, and Ethical Implications.

Susan Felch (English), Clare Costley King’oo (University of Connecticut), and Henry Baron (emeritus, English): Translation of a Dutch article on printing in 16th century Antwerp to support the critical edition of William Tyndale’s The Obedience of a Christian Man (1528).

David Hoekema (Philosophy): Two book projects on Peacemaking and the Ethics of Development.

Jennifer Holberg (English), Jane Zwart (English), Debra Rienstra (English), and Lisa Cockrel (English): Telling the Stories of the Festival of Faith and Writing: Crafting Our Past, Preparing for Our Future, support for a summer student research assistant to catalog materials, identify themes, and compose narratives related to the history of the Festival of Faith and Writing.

Mark Mulder (Sociology) and Gerardo Marti (Davidson College): A book onThe Thousand Panes of Glass: Robert Schuller and the Normalization of American Religious Innovation.

Ralph Stearley (Geology, Geography, and Environmental Studies): A book on Fossils: The Revelation of Beauty in God’s History of Creation.


Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim (Germanic & Asian Languages & Literatures): CQ for Community Building, a book on developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) within Christian communities.

David Fuentes (Music): Professional recording of A Midsummer Night’s Dream Rock Opera, from the 2014 Calvin Theatre Company production.

F. Corey Roberts (Germanic & Asian Languages & Literatures): Expressing the Ineffable: German Pietism, the Discourse of Experience, and the Birth of Aesthetics, a book on the role of pietism in the development of philosophic aesthetics and literary fiction.

Stephanie Sandberg (Communication Arts & Sciences): Lines: The Lived Experience of Race Reprisal, an expansion of the 2010 production, with new interviews, scheduled for production in April 2016.

Robert Schoone-Jongen (History): Farms, Faiths, and Finances: Theodore F. Koch and the Sale of the Great Plains, a biography of a Dutch American land developer who promoted religiously based farming communities in Minnesota and Texas at the turn of the twentieth century.

Sam Smartt (Communication Arts & Sciences): The Verge of Shining, a documentary film featuring Calvin astronomer Larry Molnar, his students, and Rehoboth Christian School and the binary star Molnar has been tracking. 

Eric Washington (History): Heralding Africa’s Redemption, a book that examines Ethiopianism, an Afro-Protestant theology that held to the belief that God had ordained the capture and enslavement of West and West-Central Africans in order to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ, followed by their emancipation and their return to Africa to preach the gospel to Africans.


Jim Bratt (History): Korean Translation of Abraham Kuyper: Modern Calvinist, Christian Democrat.

Donald DeGraaf (Off-Campus Programs and Kinesiology), Mwenda Ntarangwi (Off-Campus Programs and IAPCHE), and Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim (German): Workshop and student assistants for the project “Learning, Living, and Exploring One’s Faith Abroad: Embracing the Journey."

Young Kim (Classics and History): Indexing and final manuscript preparation for Epiphanius of Cyprus: Imagining an Orthodox World to be published by U of Michigan Press.

Frans van Liere (History): Indexing and funding for student assistant to compile bibliography for Victorine Texts in Translation vol. 6. Interpretation of Scripture: Practice to be published by Turnhout and New City Press.

Roman Williams (Sociology): Seeing Religion: Toward a Visual Sociology of Religion to be published by Taylor & Francis Press


Christiana de Groot (Religion), "Editing the Bible and Women: an Encyclopedia of Exegesis and Cultural History."

Mark Fackler (Communications Arts and Sciences), "Global Media Ethics."

Jennifer Hoag (Art), Sabbatical photography project.

Richard Plantinga (Religion), Thomas Thompson (Religion), and Matthew Lundberg (Religion), an Arabic translation of An Introduction to Christian Theology.

Jennifer Williams (English), "Mina Loy as Flaneur: The Female Gaze in the City."


Chris Smit and Lisa Van Arragon

Chris Smit (CAS) and Lisa Van Arragon (Art History), with Harry Plantinga (Computer Science), Bill Romanowski (CAS), Elizabeth Vander Lei (English), Keith Vander Linden (Computer Science), Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk (Art), and Jennifer Hardy Williams (English): Initial Grant to fund development of white paper and curricular proposal on digital technologies and media, within the larger framework of scholarship on the digital humanities.

Charsie Sawyer and Candice Johnson

Charsie Sawyer (Music) and Candace Johnson (Music, University of California, Berkeley): Intermediate Grant to fund development and recording of a Gospel Vocal Warm-up/Vocalizes CD, to assist Gospel music singers and directors to develop and maintain vocal, emotional, and spiritual health.

Susan Felch, Beth Quitslund, and Nicholas Temperley

Susan Felch (English), Beth Quitslund (English, Ohio University), and Nicholas Temperley (Music, University of Illinois): Concluding Grant to fund recording of 22 choral Psalms from the sixteenth-century The Whole Booke of Psalmes (also known as the “Sternhold and Hopkins Psalter”), to accompany a critical edition of this Reformation songbook, to be published by the Renaissance English Text Society (2013).

Won Lee

Won Lee (Religion): Concluding Grant to fund production costs for the Chinese-language edition of The Bible: A Library of Holy Writings, to be published by The Calvin College Press (2012).

Lisa Van Arragon

Lisa Van Arragon (Art History): Concluding Grant to fund a publishing subvention for a photographic, documentary survey of Harlem, assembled in the late 1930s but never published, to be printed by Intellect Books and distributed by the University of Chicago Press (2013).